Satellite Accessories

Shaw UH/IR Remotes
Did you lose your old Shaw remote? Did it just stop working? Come on in, we have replacement Shaw remotes.

4X8 Switches
Want a few more receivers hooked up in your house, but your dish is full? A 4X8 switche is the anwswer. It allows more than 4 lines from your Shaw Direct satellite dish.

DSR 600 series Receivers
Want a new high Definition receiver? ZorraTV keeps stock of all the latest High Definition receivers from Shaw. Whether you require a DSR 600, DSR 605 or the DSR PVR 630 receiver. Come on in!

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ZorraTV & Shaw Direct

Shaw Direct is the only satellite provider in Canada that streams on-demand content directly to your TV. Catch up on all your favourite TV shows and enjoy great free content with your TV package. With over 8,000 TV and movie choices — the most of any Canadian satellite provider — you can see what you want, when you want.